Borough Offices: 308 Locust Street,
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 717-684-2467



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The Borough has received a grant for new recycle bins for its residents. These newer bins are heavier and taller than the previous bins and will allow you to put more recycling into them. Not only is it mandatory to recycle but the Borough receives state funds for recycling.  PLEASE  RECYCLE!

You may pick up a bin at the Borough Office front desk Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00 pm.

You must bring identification with you to show you are a homeowner living in the Borough.  A drivers license with your address, a utility bill or trash bill are examples of identification for residing in the Borough.

Once all residents have received bins, we will allow anyone to purchase additional bins for a cost of $15.00.

Rental properties must go through your landlord to obtain bins.




What can your recycling be converted into?

PRIDE letters


Columbia Borough has launched a project  that seeks to send a message through art. The letters “PRIDE” will be displayed at Columbia River Park this summer.

The project is inspired by The Litter Letter Project which began in Louisiana by Rachael Hatley, who back in 2013 used it to build a one-word message to her community. More information can be found at

The idea has since spread to other states. Columbia Borough will be the first in Lancaster County to use the concept with the hope this will inspire the PRIDE in Columbia residents and increase awareness of the need to recycle.

A special thank you to “Butcher” along with Chris Bongart and Chas Snyder, of Garage Boyz Powder Coating, who donated, created and constructed the 5-foot tall letters out of steel bars and chicken wire for the Borough.

On Friday, May 1, 2015, the public got its first chance to contribute to the project at the River Park Trail Services Building Dedication and Celebration. Help fill the letters by bringing bottles and jars with lids. Make sure you bring your camera to get a picture taken with the letters. Send the picture to the Borough at . It will get posted on the Borough’s website and may get posted on the litter letter project website for all to see.





recycling covered devices – new law


Take the Pledge:

Learn: about recycling options in my community.

Act: Reduce my personal waste by recycling. Within the next month, I will start to recycle one new type of material.

Why does Columbia Borough Recycle?

    Extending the life of disposal facilities
    Making a contribution towards a better environment
    Reducing pollution and conserving non-renewable resources
    Doing the “right thing”
    Helping local groups and businesses create jobs
    Supporting the economy
    It’s the law…Act 101 and Columbia Borough Ordinance #716 require all residents to recycle the following items: – Clear & Colored – Plastic #1 & #2 – White Goods – Glass (bottles & jars) -Newsprint – Tires – Aluminum Cans – Yard Waste – Steel cans

For Sale at Borough Office:

Recycling Bins – $15.00 each .

Yard Waste Bags $.75 each or 3 for $2.00






Plastic Bag Recycling Urban tumbleweed. White pollution. These are terms used to describe litter caused by plastic bags from grocery stores and other retailers. Plastic bags are easily carried by wind, escaping from landfills and garbage bins, where they pollute waterways and endanger fish and wildlife, get stuck in trees and clog grates in streets. In addition, the manufacturing of these bags requires considerable amounts of crude oil and natural gas. There are many efforts being made around the world to combat this problem and reduce the use of these bags. You can do something in your own town by requiring retailers to establish an at-store recycling program and to offer reusable bags (such as canvas or cloth).

Why does Columbia Borough Collect Leaves and Yard Waste?
As a mandated municipality with more than 10,000 residents, we are required through PA Act 101 to collect leaves and yard waste material. Yard Waste Collection can significantly reduce the amount of material taken to landfills each year and thus, give landfills more storage capacity and longer lifecycles. Yard waste recycling is good for the community and the economy insofar as yard waste can be composted into valuable products such as compost and mulch.

The Borough has established a regional facility to collect:
-Tree limbs -Grass -Sticks -Shrubbery -Leaves -Sod -Garden Residues

Collections are made from 12 neighboring municipalities:
Columbia Borough, Elizabethtown Borough, Wrightsville Borough, East Donegal Township, West Donegal Township, Marietta Borough, East Hempfield Township, West Hempfield Township, Millersville Borough, West Lampeter Township, Mountville Borough, East Petersburg Borough

Each year the program grows and more material is collected. Our goal is to collect and process 10,000 tons per year through expansion.

Reason: The municipalities save money through low tipping fees.

Recycling Program Performance Summary:
January-June 2010

Municipality – Columbia Borough
Participating Households – 2,479
Recyclables (Lbs./HH/Mo.) – 53.9
Refuse (Lbs/HH/Mo.) – 373.9
Recycling Rate – 12.6%

Congratulations Columbia Residents and Business Owners!! Thanks to your efforts, our Recycling Rate has risen 2.7% since 2005!

Goal for 2016-2017
Let’s raise our recycling rate to 35% over the next two years!!

How can you help?

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!! Challenge yourself and your family to buy products in recyclable containers and then make sure those containers make their way into your recycling bin. New taller bins are now available at the Borough Office that help guard against wind and allow for greater storage of your recyclables…stop in today and pick one up!

Encourage your neighbors and friends to recycle! A little encouragement can go a long way…remind them that recycling not only helps the environment, but it also conserves energy which keeps manufacturing costs down AND the Borough of Columbia receives grant money for the number of tons recycled each year, which can add up to savings that will be passed onto you!!

Ask your local businesses about their recycling programs! Recycling is important at both the residential and commercial level, so asking your local businesses about their recycling programs will show them their consumers care about recycling and motivate them to improve their programs!

Advocate education in your community!! Do you work with local Scout Troops, daycares, retirement homes, or clubs?? Contact your local Recycling Coordinator and arrange a guest speaker event to promote recycling education!

Interested In Learning More?

Visit the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority Website at:


Contact your local Recycling Coordinator at:

(717) 684-2654

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