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 One of the 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2014

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New Trail Services Building at River Park


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Letter from Tom Corbett Governor


With the winter weather upon us, residents are reminded to consult local TV Stations, the Borough Web Site, The Police Department Facebook Page, Borough Email blasts, and other media in the event of a significant snowfall for information on Snow Emergencies and Parking Restrictions. If a Snow Emergency is declared, any parking restrictions will be strictly enforced.

Each tenant, owner or person in charge of any property fronting on or adjoining any street in the Borough of Columbia shall clear a pathway of at least three feet in width within eight hours after the snowfall has ceased to fall, or to be formed, or after the same has been deposited in any manner; provided, however that if the snow shall have ceased to fall between dusk and dawn, the pathway shall be cleared before 10:00 a.m. the following day. Snow shall not be deposited in the street Placing items in parking spaces to reserve parking is not permitted and items shall be picked-up and discarded by Borough personnel.

On a brighter note, the Park and Trail Services Building at River Park has been completed. The Borough will take reservations for use of the facility after regulations and the fee structure has been approved by Borough Council. A Use of Facility Form will be made available at that time.

The relocation of Route 441 and the Ironville Pike Safe Routes Construction Projects are on schedule but have slowed due to cold weather. Ironville Pike construction will resume as weather and temperature permit.

Thanks to all who have taken part in the Christmas Decorating this year and to all who helped with the Food Box Project prior to the holiday. I understand the number of food boxes delivered to the needy was the most in the projects history.

A final reminder that during the cold weather be careful when using alternate heating devices. If you are in doubt of their safety, contact the Borough’s Code Enforcement Department, your local fire department or a heating professional. If you are aware of any resident without heat, please contact the Borough Office. We will do what we can to find help.

Think Spring, it’s just around the corner.


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Community Announcements

Bids are being accepted for Asphalt. Forms are available at the Borough Office or may be printed from our website (See Public Services page).

For Sale - 15' Thiele Steele Dump Truck Body, See public-services page

EMAIL BLAST UPDATE: For those with AOL emails please note that you must contact AOL to allow our emails to go through to you. You need to whitelist. If not, the email will be rejected.

Yard Waste pick up will begin Monday, April 6, 2015.

New Quick Ticket Ordinance in effect - See Zoning page for more information.

The Borough Farm on Blue Lane is open on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 8am-noon.

Please follow the schedule posted for street maintenance/street sweeping when parking on Borough streets.

Check out our police page with information on Disposal of Outdated Medications

Turkey Hill Experience is now open. For more information, check their website.

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