Borough of Columbia,  Lancaster County PA

308 Locust Street
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 717.684.2467

Feral Cat Program
Starting in 2022, the Borough of Columbia has developed a program to help with the feral cat issue.   The Columbia Cat Action Team (CCAT) is a group of volunteers from in and around Columbia. Their mission is to help decrease the feral cat population in Columbia over time, in a humane and ethical way through a program that involved trapping, spay/neuter, and return (TNR) for feral cats. 

A feral cat is an unsocialized cat that is fearful of people and keeps its distance. Feral cats are found outdoors, and most times are living in groups which are also known as colonies. 

If you know of a feral cat colony or want to volunteer to be part of this team, please send an email to and someone on the committee will get back to you.