Borough Offices: 308 Locust Street,
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 717-684-2467



Finance shall, in conjunction with the Borough Manager, oversee all matters pertaining to the financial interests of the Borough; shall recommended to Council the rate of taxation; shall examine the duplicate of the Collector of Borough taxes and cause all taxes collected to be deposited with the Treasurer of the Borough; shall suggest from time to time such matters for the action of Council as may be of importance to the financial interest of the Borough; shall provide for the payment of all debts due by the Borough and  shall, unless such collection is specifically made the duty of another Borough Council personnel, collect all rents and debts due to the Borough; shall prepare for publication all statements of municipal receipts and expenditures, assets and liabilities, as may be required by law; shall, in a specially ruled book to be delivered by each to its successor, maintain such a comprehensive system of municipal finances as to be able to compare committee and departmental expenses and ascertain the financial condition of the Borough at any time; shall audit the Treasurer’s accounts at least once every month and shall include in every monthly report a detailed statement thereof up to and including the date of such report; and shall comply with and enforce the requirements of all laws and ordinances which relate to municipal finances

Howard Stevens Lead Councilperson

 Public Works & Property

Public Works & Property, in conjunction with the Borough Manager and Public Works Manager, shall direct, control and have charge of the grading, paving, repairing and cleaning of all streets, alleys and highways; shall direct and control all surveys, engineering, sewerage, drainage and all matters and things in any way relating to or affecting the highways, footways, wharves and bridges;  shall comply and enforce the requirements of all laws and ordinances which relate to highways; shall, in conjunction with the Borough Manager, care for and supervise all public buildings and real estate and, subject to the rights of lessees, manage and control the same; shall keep a record of all insurance in force on public buildings and shall report to Council in advance all policies about to expire; shall permit no person, corporation or association to become or remain a tenant of Borough property unless a proper and adequate lease is executed; and shall comply with and enforce the requirements of all laws and ordinances relating to public property.

Frances FitzGerald Lead Councilperson

Municipal Legislation

Municipal Legislation shall, in conjunction with the Solicitor and the Borough Manager, examine all proposed ordinances that may be submitted to it in advance of consideration by the Council and may recommend such changes and amendments affecting the form, validity and substance thereof as may be proper or necessary; shall supervise the proper recording, publishing and posting of ordinances; and shall comply with all rules and procure the enforcement of all laws and ordinances affecting municipal form and procedure.

Heather Zink Lead Councilperson

Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation is responsible for planning new parks, renovating existing parks, and planning activities for the children in the Borough. The Board meets the 2nd Thursday of every month in Borough Council Chambers.

Pam Williams Lead Councilperson


Personnel shall, in conjunction with the Borough Manager, develop and recommend approval of personnel policies; recommend to Council the hiring, dismissal or discipline of municipal employees; be Council’s conduit for the negotiation of all personnel contracts and recommend the entering into of such contracts; recommend management salaries and benefits; develop and recommend approval of grievance policies for employees not covered by then current labor agreements.

Sharon Lintner Lead Councilperson

Public Safety Committee

Public Safety shall, in conjunction with the Borough Manager, Fire Chief and Police Chief, care for, manage, administer and supervise the Police Department and Fire Department, including the control and management of the station house and the maintenance of fire hydrants and the water supply therefore, and all matters relating to public health, erection of fire escapes, and the inspection of buildings; and shall provide food for prisoners confined in the station house for violation of Borough ordinances.

Todd Burgard Lead Councilperson

Community Development

Community Development shall, in conjunction with the Borough Manager and with other organizations, examine all possible alternatives to promote and foster economic and community development initiatives in the Borough of Columbia. The Committee shall strive to implement the Planning Commission’s Capital Improvement Program concentrating on the economic enhancements to the Borough. Community Development shall enhance the Borough’s ability to attract and support the growth of commerce and shall comply with all rules and procure the enforcement of all laws and ordinances affecting municipal form and procedure.

Eric Kauffman Lead Councilperson

Civil Service Board

James Ciccocioppi, Chairman

John Meshey

Jim Anspach

Thomas Zigler

Vacant – Alternate

The Board of Health


Steven Henry, Jr Member
Leslie Fritz Member
Dr. John Jensen Member
Jamie Widener Member
Laurie Gerfin-Lutz Member
Michele Hank Alternate

2020 Agendas



The Columbia Borough Shade Tree Commission was originally formed in the 1940’s and later went dormant from 1960 thru 1981.  It was revitalized in 1982 when the Borough became eligible to receive street trees through US Dept. of Housing and Development “Community Block Grants”.

 Over the last 13 years, the Shade Tree Commission has been responsible for planting over 370 street trees.  The Commission also oversees and grants permission to property owners who desire to plant or remove a street tree in front of their property.

The Commission also assists in maintaining trees in areas of Columbia which received block grants since 1983.

The Columbia Tree Society is the fund raiser auxiliary of the Commission and financially supports the Commission through membership dues and other events.

Columbia Borough has been recognized as a “Tree City USA” by the National Arbor Day Foundation since 1993.  To qualify, a municipality must have a Street Tree Ordinance and have an active Shade Tree Commission, spend $2 per capita on trees and tree maintenance, and have an annual Arbor Day observance.  The Tree Commission has celebrated Arbor Day for 17 consecutive years, rotating the event through the Borough’s 6 parks and other public spaces.

Columbia is part of the Chesapeake Bay Alliance and is committed to increasing the tree canopy in the Columbia area over the next several years.


Amanda Hawn Treasurer
Shawn Shuffelbottom Secretary
Julie Lehmer Member
Amy Evans Chair
Jack Gamby Member

Columbia Borough Streetscape Committee


Lisa Kashner
Erik Sheehan
Jonathan Porreca
Michael Stark
Todd Hawn
Amanda Hawn
Shaun Shea

Linda Thompson

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