Borough of Columbia,  Lancaster County PA

308 Locust Street
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 717.684.2467

Apply for Handicap Parking

Applications for parking reserved for persons with disabilities should be forwarded to the Borough Office. Applications need to include the following:
1. Applicant must own the vehicle being registered (provide a copy of vehicle registration)
2. Applicant must possess a current state issued handicap placard or license plate (copy of placard and blue wallet ID card)
3. If applicant is not the owner of property, letter of permission from property owner for sign installation must be submitted
4. A valid PA Driver's license issued to the applicant (provide photocopy)
5. There must be no accessible off-street parking on applicant's property
6. Appropriate fee.
                 $100.00 Installation fee for a *NEW sign.
                 $75.00 Applicant request to move sign to a new address.
                 $20.00 Annual renewal fee (due October 31st of each year 
*If a new sign is denied, $90.00 will be refunded 

Upon receipt of application and all required documentation, the area will be surveyed for feasibility. The requestor will be notified of the determination. Please note that these reserved spaces are for the use of a disabled person having a handicapped plate or placard and cannot be reserved for a particular person. 
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