Borough of Columbia,  Lancaster County PA

308 Locust Street
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 717.684.2467

Welcome to Columbia 2040!
Columbia2040 is the name of the Borough's new comprehensive plan! This plan is set up to be an implementable comprehensive plan. The focus of an Implementable Comprehensive Plan is to create a document that focuses on relevant, real community issues.

Columbia2040 was officially adopted as the new Comprehensive Plan for the Borough of Columbia on September 26, 2023 by Resolution 2023-26.

The plan consists of two sections, the Compendium and the Implementation Guide.

The 5 "BOLD IDEAS" within this plan are:
  • More Feet in the Street
  • A Place to Call Home
  • A Skilled and Educated Community
  • Telling Our Story Growing
  • Sustaining a Complete Community

CLICK HERE to access "Columbia2040 - A Compendium"

The Compendium is Columbia2040's background and analysis document.  The document provides an audit of the 1995 Comprehensive Plan, a detailed history, community profile, existing land use analysis, transportation study, a community facilities assessment, and the five (5) main themes of Columbia2040.

CLICK HERE to access Columbia2040 - Implementation Guide and Appendix
This is the main policy guide and provides a range of informational documents, templates, and other guides to accomplish the strategies contained within.