Borough of Columbia,  Lancaster County PA

308 Locust Street
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 717.684.2467

Feral Cats / Columbia Cat Action Team

Feral Cats / Columbia Cat Action Team
The Borough of Columbia is now partnering with the Columbia Cat Action Team (CCAT) to address the issue of feral cats here in our community. CCAT was formed to help decrease the feral cat population in Columbia over time, in a humane ethical way, through TNR (trap, neuter, and return) and when appropriate getting cats off the street.

In addition, the Borough has adopted Ordinance  946 of 2023 which has amended Chapter 82 Art II of the Borough Code of Ordinances. This new ordinance requires that residents who want to care for a feral cat colony must register with the Borough. To register, please complete the REGISTRATION FORM and return the completed form to the Borough Office at 308 Locust Street, Columbia PA, 17512.  Once the form is received and approved, the Borough will coordinate with CCAT to help manage this colony through their TNR program.