Borough of Columbia,  Lancaster County PA

308 Locust Street
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 717.684.2467

Code Compliance

Code Compliance

Code Compliance enforces land and property codes to eliminate conditions that threaten the life, health, safety, and general welfare of residents. The department investigates complaints about possible violations.  

Columbia Borough Council adopted the "International Property Maintenance Code 2018". The Property Maintenance Code is for issues such as grass/weeds, snow removal, trash and any other property interior or exterior maintenance issues.

***Update:  Resolution 20-26, approved and signed on December 22, 2020, decreased the fee to appeal a quick ticket from $100 to $25. 

The Borough and Columbia Animal Shelter (CAS) are working together to help tackle the feral cat issue in our borough. Feral cats are a significant problem in many communities and we are fortunate to have the Columbia Animal Shelter and their hard working staff assisting us.

A feral cat is an unsocialized cat that is fearful of people and keeps its 
distance. Feral cats are found outdoors, and most times are living in groups which 
are also known as colonies. 

If you would If you are willing to trap the cat and bring it in for surgery, the Borough will pay the bill 
for the services described below:

Drop off time is between 8:30 AM- 9:00 AM on surgery day
Pick-up time is at 4:30 PM same day as surgery
ALL FERALS MUST COME IN A HUMANE TRAP, no exceptions to this rule. If 
any ‘feral’ cat comes to CAS in anything other than a human trap, the 
“owners” will be paying for our domestic housecat fees ($75 for a neuter, 
$95 for a spay, $15 for vaccines, etc.)
All feral cat services go as follows: all cats will be spayed/neutered, will 
receive a rabies vaccine, and will be ear tipped to their left ear along with a 
small tattoo on their abdomen to signify they are spayed/neutered
CAS will call you once you have filled out the spay/neuter form online to 
schedule/dates ferals for surgeries at 717-681-6858

When to release ferals- it is recommended to keep ferals in their traps in a 
warm/dry area (shed, garage, etc.) until they are completely awake from 
anesthesia. It is recommended to release them the morning after their surgery to 
ensure they are completely awake, and all anesthesia is worn off.
Tips for keeping ferals overnight after surgery: 
• Place newspaper/pee pads under their trap 
• Slide bowl of water/food through trap door so they have access to 
water/food throughout the night during recovery (use caution, it is 
recommended to wear thick leather gloves)
**** No money will be requested upfront for ferals that are brought in a 
humane trap.*******

If you would like to complete an application from the Columbia Animal Shelter to be called for an appointment please here application
Staff Contact Information:
Paula Diffenderfer, Code Compliance Manager
Matthew Peak, ICC, Inspector -
Gene "Bud" Leddy, Compliance Officer -
Dayna Wickenheiser, Administrative Assistant-