Columbia Borough, PA

308 Locust Street,
Columbia, PA 17512
Phone: 717.684.2467


Notice of all meeting are advertised and established, as much as possible, to a fixed schedule for the year.  Meeting are governed and regulated by the Sunshine Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. See the Borough Calendar for advertised meeting dates.

COVID-19 - Due to social distancing rules, meetings are open to public but are limited to the amount of individuals permitted in the Borough Council Chambers.  It is a first come first serve basis.  Public is encouraged to view meetings online, participate in GoToMeeting (when applicable) and email questions prior to the meetings.

Information pertaining to individual meetings will be communicated on the Borough's website and Facebook page.  Thank you.

If you are interested in serving on a Borough Board or Committee, please complete the Volunteer Application form and submit the completed for to Heather Zink, Council president at